Biodegradable Elle Pot

Here at Eureka, we have be re-thinking the way roses are bagged over the winter period and have is a new, more environmentally friendly (and plant friendly) approach to the bags.

We have produced what we like to call the “Bio Bag Rose”.  With this ‘bio bag’ the customer simply can buy and plant straight in the ground, no removing of outer bag or pot required.

We have grown the roses in a degradable pot which has allowed the root system to become fully developed. The Elle pot in which the rose is grown allows for natural root pruning which produces millions of root tips. This is great for the customer because all they have to do is plant it in the garden; pot, bag – the lot!  Best of all, the rose will quickly establish in the garden due to these root tips and the fact that there is no root disturbance when the rose is planted.

Traditional bare root roses are dug out of the ground which removes most of the roots and most, if not all of the root tips. They are then stuffed in to a plastic bag containing sawdust.

This is why sometimes bare root roses will take a while to become established and may never fully thrive or, in the worst cases, die. Traditional bare root roses are produced when the weather is cold so the rose does not dry out.

We hope with this new growing technique, Eureka will able to increase customer satisfaction with customers having a better success growing bagged roses.  It will also minimise waste without the plastic bag or pot needing to be recycled or disposed of.