How Your Roses Arrive

Biodegradble Pot = Less Root Disturbance in Transport

Our bush roses at Eureka are produced on their own roots in a biodegradable pot.

The benefits of a biodegradable pot are that the plants can be planted straight into the to the ground with no plastic pot to dispose of.  The actively growing roots are not disturbed as they grow through the biodegradable pot which decomposes in the soil.  They can be sent year round, not just when dormant, and are ready to establish in your garden. 



Your Plant Arrival

When your rose arrives, it will be in a plastic bag used to maintain moisture during it's journey to you.  Give it a soak in a bucket or the laundry sink for a couple of hours to allow it to rehydrate.


We also used lucerne (rose Viagra) as your packing material.  The lucence can be used as mulch for your roses or as lucence tea**. Or you may decide to do a bit of both.

 ** Lucerne tea is produced by soaking your lucerne in a bucket of water for up to 5 days then use this water (dilute at a ratio of 1-part tea to 5-parts water) to water and fertilize your rose.  Lucerne helps to promote basal branching in your rose, making a bushier plant.