Our Guarentee


At Eureka Plants we are committed to growing plants that exceed your expectations. We guarantee that our roses are healthy, grown on their own roots, virus-free and true to variety. We are so confident in our roses that we warranty them for one year from the date of purchase- as long as they are properly planted per our planting instructions and cared for as recommended on our website. If your plant does not survive the first one year, please let us know immediately. We will review your case to be considered for a one time replacement by providing a credit by gift certificate for the amount of your original rose purchase. Warranty claims are not eligible for refund.

If the rose you purchased is no longer available or currently out of stock, you may use your gift certificate for an alternate rose, or save your certificate and subscribe to be notified when the rose is back in stock. Once available you can redeem you roses with your gift certificate by entering the code in the shopping cart in the checkout process on our website, or by calling Luke and Beth team.

Please understand that we cannot be responsible for abnormal or extreme weather conditions; neglect from the gardener; roses that are planted in incorrect position or environment; the use of potting soil including granular fertilizer or use of any granular or non-liquid form fertilizers; keeping plants inside the home; improper planting or improper fertilizing will void the warranty.

All warranty replacements are subject to review and approval and may require additional submission of information including photos.