Australia's First Own Root Rose Nursery 


Eureka Plants is a family owned and run business situated in the Central West of NSW.  We have been growing roses for over 20 years and have recently started to grow our roses in ground, at the nursery location and on their own roots (a new innovation in Australia).

For years we have been asked for our roses to be sent to rose lovers and this has led to this new branch of the business - online roses sales!

 All roses (except for standards) are grown on their own roots, which means there is no grafting.

Our aim at Eureka is to show and prove to people that roses are easy to grow and should be treated just like any other plant in the garden.


All of our roses at Eureka are produced on their own roots. Which means no more suckers. All roses which are sold on the web site are grown by us which means you are getting the freshest roses possible.


The roses which are listed for sale on the website are available for posting now, so no need to wait until late winter for your bare root roses

UNQUIE WAY A PACKING (free mulch and fertilizer with every order)

Most mail order products are packed using either newspaper/ cardboard or even Styrofoam.  Here at Eureka we use LUCERNE (rose Viagra) as your packing material.  The Lucene is packed in a jute bag and used to protect your order in transit.  When you receive your order the lucence can be used as mulch for you roses or as “lucence tea” see blog post. Or you may decide to do a bit of both.

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