Our Story



Eureka Plants was established at Wamboin, NSW in 1986 by Wendy and John Gordon.  They began the nursery as a native plant nursery that slowly evolved over time to azalea and camellia nursery and finally stopped at roses and perennials.

John and Wendy’s sons, Luke and Matthew worked in the nursery on weekends and school holidays.  On finishing high school, Luke continued his horticultural journey at Burnley College completing a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science (Horticulture).  Luke was offered a scholarship to complete a years work experience at the biggest wholesale and retail nursery in America at Bachmans in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

After completing high school, Matthew turned to the genetic side of plants and studied a Bachelor Degree in Science (Plant Genetics) and a Masters.  He now works for the Australian Government in Plant Quarantine. 

While studying at Burnley College, Luke meet Beth who was studying the same degree.  After both had completed their studies, and Luke his year at Bachmans, they travelled the USA and Europe for 7 months and returned to Australia, to marry 4 months later.  Beth moved to Wamboin and joined the family nursery at that same time.

The nursery continued at Wamboin until in 2013, when the pressures of the 10 year drought  just got too much to sustain the nursery.  Luke and John started to look for properties where water was no longer going to be an issue.

The site at Nyrang Creek, near Canowindra was found.  The nursery was moved to the new site over the first 8 months of 2014.  This also enabled John and Wendy step down from the day to day management of the business and move into semi-retirement.

Luke and Beth now run and manage the business.  The move has provided not only prosperous for the growth of roses (amazing sunshine and water on demand), but also for Luke and Beth’s four children who love the country life and the supportive and close knit community of Canowindra.