Eureka's Easter Rose Special 2023

Eureka's Easter Rose Special 2023

Autumn is generally a great time to plant roses because the weather is cooler, the soil is still warm, and there is typically more rainfall. These conditions are ideal for establishing new rose plants.

Cooler temperatures during the autumn months help prevent stress on the newly planted roses. The soil is still warm from the summer months, which encourages root growth, but not so hot that it dries out the roots. Additionally, autumn is typically a time when there is more rainfall, which means that the roses will have plenty of water to help them establish themselves.

Planting roses in the autumn also gives them a head start on growth for the following spring. By planting in the autumn, the roses have time to establish their root systems before the winter months set in. This allows them to focus their energy on growing new shoots and leaves in the spring, rather than using all of their energy to establish their roots.

Overall, the combination of cooler temperatures, warm soil, and increased rainfall make autumn an ideal time to plant roses.

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