It's All About The Roots

It's All About The Roots

As the weather cools down it is a perfect time to buy our bare root potted mini roses. The weather is still warm enough for the roses to get their roots established before the really cold weather sets in.

Our bare root mini rose is different from the traditional bare root rose they are grown in a pot and the soil with washed off keeping the fine feeding roots intact, so that the rose becomes quickly established in your garden or pot.

You get the best of both worlds; a bare root mini rose with cheaper postage (as there is no soil or pot to add weight), AND you still get a established root system ready to take off in your garden.

The mini roses are well suited to growing in pots and do just well in the garden as a feature planting or boarders.

We have 13 different varieties.  Shop all varieties here.

Our mini roses are included in our Easter Sale!!!  Sale ends Easter Sunday - 11:59pm 9th April 2023.